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Adding storage and maintaining safety with truck roof racks and truck shock absorbers

Contrary to popular opinion, adding modifications or accessorizing is not exclusive  to small automobiles. Even the ones utilized for heavy-duty purposes, such as  trucks, for example, are adjusted to enhance its performance. Two of the most  common accessories added to such vehicles are truck roof racks and truck shock absorbers.

Roof rack 101

Carefully designed bars often seen on top of vehicles are referred to as truck roof racks. These materials are created to create additional storage and maximize the  truck’s capacity, thus providing more available seats to the passenger.

Truck roof racks are either permanent or temporary. The latter, as the name  suggests, can be easily removed if not in use, while the permanent ones are  directly placed into the truck upon its creation. Depending on the individual’s needs  and activities, one can either go for a permanent or temporary truck roof rack.

These functional bars are composed of two important parts, the rails and the  towers. Bars that are often seen at the side of the vehicles are the rails. These are  meant to ensure that cargoes are safely secured in their places. Towers, on the  other hand are attached to rails via clamps. These ensure that the luggages are not
directly placed into the vehicle’s roof, which, in return, could cause damage due to  the heavy weight.

Truck shock absorbers

A shock absorber or damper is another modifications added to trucks. The bumpy  and rough roads encountered by these vehicles often cause an unexpected tension  and impact or worse, destroys other car parts, which, in return, could result to an  accident.

During a sudden encounter with rigid terrains, car parts vibrate and oscillate,  irrespective of whether trucks have springs or not. Due to this, it is hard to achieve  coordination. Dampers, stabilizes the vehicle’s movement, thus, ensuring a safe  and steady ride to the passengers.

Which shock absorber should be used?

A variety of shock absorbers are being offered in the market. These are the  standard shocks, heavy-duty shocks, overload shocks and air shocks. In choosing the best shock absorber, one should know how these car parts function. For ordinary trucks, a standard shock would suffice. However, if the vehicle is  frequently used in rough roads, then consider using a heavy-duty shock. In the meantime, if the vehicle is suffering from understeering, overload shocks can  resolve this problem via providing support in the front and rear systems. Lastly, if  the truck involved is used to carry the heaviest cargoes and equipment, then it is  best to use an air shock

To ensure its durability, maintenance and replacement should be performed as  necessary. If the hydraulic fluid is already coming out, then it should be replaced.  The same thing is true when there is eyelet breakage.

Benefits of roof racks and shock absorbers

Evidently, dampers render driving safety and security, while roof racks promote  comfort and convenience. The marriage of the two results to a more efficient  vehicle. Should cargoes fell from racks due to a sudden bump, it can cause shatter  some of the truck parts. But with shock absorbers at hand, such scenario can be


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