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How efficient is your offroad tires?

What every off road adventurer must know Off-roading is a term often used by extreme sports enthusiasts. This involves maneuvering and driving through rugged and rough terrains that are usually covered by mud, snow river beds and even sand dunes. But nowadays, seeking off road adventures already encompasses all
outdoor activities where automobiles are set to conquer rocky and slippery roads.

While off-roading never fails to provide thrill and excitement, it nevertheless exposes the
vehicle to extreme abuse and tough weather conditions. Unfortunately, of all car parts that has
to endure the possible damages, off road tires are the ones that are affected the most.

What is a tire?
More often than not, tires and wheels are interchangeably used. However, these two car parts are entirely different from each other. Technically speaking , a wheel refers to a device utilized to carry cargoes or luggage via a rotating motion. Tires, on the other hand, are safety cushions  that protect the wheel from direct ground contact. It likewise absorbs shocks brought by bumpy roads.

How are tires made?
Tires are produced via combining synthetic and natural rubbers and then later on mixed with other chemicals. Although natural rubbers, by nature, are elastic, it may not withstand the unforgiving road conditions and the unpredictable weather changes. Due to this, synthetic rubbers are likewise essential ingredients of tire production. Synthetic rubbers have the ability to retain to its original shape even if exposed to road and soil tortures, thus, ensuring the wheel’s strength and durability.

Important parts of off road tires
Off road tires are comprised of several important parts. These are the beads, body, treads, belts and sidewalls.

Beads are metal edges that connect tires to the wheels. However, due to frequent usage, beads may wear out and fell off. Thus, to keep it intact, beadloks are used. In the meantime, to prevent the vehicle from slipping and to employ friction efficiently, tires will always have nice treads. Treads, on the other hand, are protected by belts. Lastly, to maintain the vehicle’s stability, tires would always have their sidewalls.


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