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4 Must-Have Offroad Equipment for Jeeps

Investing into high quality offroad equipment is a must for every jeep enthusiast. Originally used for military operations, jeeps are now considered as the so-called “toys for the big boys.” But while they are now utilized for a different purpose, this does not change the fact that they are among those vehicles that are often exposed to rough surfaces and experience a total road abuse. As a result, this may lead to frequent repairs or worse, a total replacement. Evidently, this translates to more expenses. Thus, in order to prevent jeep owners from shelling out huge amounts, here is  the list of  offroad equipment where they should readily invest.

  • ·         Shock absorbers  - Shock absorbers dampen or control the vehicle’s oscillations or repetitive movements during unexpected bumps. Because of them, the kinetic energy is evenly distributed thus, helping jeeps to achieve balance. Due to their dampening effect, shock absorbers are likewise referred to as dampers. Depending on one’s needs, different types of dampers are offered into the public. Heavy-duty shocks, for instance, is designed for vehicles that carry heavy load. Standard shocks are also available. Yet, for vehicle owners who prefer a more dynamic shock absorber, they can always use the automatic shock absorbers. These offroad equipment can be easily adjusted based on the jeep’s weight.

  • ·         Suspension lifts  - As mentioned, jeeps are frequently exposed to road abuse. But in order to prolong the life of their most precious vehicles, there are jeep owners that install suspension lifts. Suspension lifts, deliver the so-called “height advantage,” therefore, giving better view to the driver and at the same time, lessening the unforeseen impact between the ground and the vehicle. Height adjustments vary as well. One may choose small suspension lifts which increase their jeep’s height by 1.5 inch. They may also install medium lifts, which, generally provide a 2-inch increase or large lifts if they want to make their jeeps higher by 4 inch.

  • ·         Offroad tires  - Offroad tires are yet another good investment. Compared to other vehicle parts, tires absorb much of the road abuse. This would not come as too much of a surprise since they are the jeep’s most exposed part. Off road tires also come into different categories. They are paddle tires which are specifically used in sand dunes and muddy surfaces. However, when passing through thick mud, mud tires, are more preferred. They have the ability to clean themselves and they do not easily lose traction, therefore, preventing vehicles from sudden swerves and slips. Lastly, if going through icy plains, snow tires, of course, are recommended.

  • ·         Roof racks – Jeeps are versatile. Indeed, that is true. Yet, it cannot be denied that it comes short when it comes to space. In many occasions, the space is occupied by luggage. Therefore, to maximize its capacity owners of jeep offroad may consider installing roof racks into their vehicles. 

For some, the above-mentioned offroad equipment are simple modifications. Installing them to jeeps is a plain option. Indeed, they are purely optional, yet their benefits and advantages are way too important to easily ignore.


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